Acoustic and Architectural Cloud Collection

Acoustical Cloud Sculptures

The three cloud sculptures below are available to order with our exclusive Rainier Acoustical Fabric layer. When you select the Acoustical Element option we hand-sew the interior of the cloud with the most popular synthetic velour in the entertainment industry. The medium-weight polyester is totally opaque, durable and wrinkle resistant, and ideal for indoor or outdoor venues, high humidity climates, and masking. Ideal for large airy rooms, open-concept office design, reading rooms, music halls, or any gathering space.


Architectural Cloud Sculptures

The complex, organic design our Architectural Cloud sculptures provide but a glimpse into where the imagination can go. We have stretched the limit of our free-form tube bending technology through careful translation and experimentation. The result: completely unique and complex sculptural objects created with an incredibly high degree of precision and perfection guaranteed to garner attention in any space.


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