Portland Design Week forecasting Clouds!

Hot, new, and next big solution in office decor.

Want a winning solution to traditional office humdrum? Rainier Clouds are number one, according to Gray Magazine. The Pacific Northwest’s leading design publication, held their Hot, New, Next, competition earlier this month at Portland Design Week.

GreyMag.com's competition finds innovative solutions and trends for the modern office space. Rainier designers impressed the GreyMag Sharks with their "acoustic hanging 'cloud' sculptures that can be custom configured to suit a myriad of spaces that require sound attenuation." "The marriage of form and function, plus the design's scalability gave it the edge to pull off the win." April 23, 2018 / GRAY Editors.  Read the full recap on GrayMag.com.

Bruce and Selwyn from the Rainier Team presented our cloud sculptures to the panel of judges in a Shark-Tank-inspired competition. Their pitch focused on the innovation and customization offered by the clouds as an alternative to acoustical ceiling tiles with their sound dampening quality.

Form your own Stratus Cloud as featured at Hot, New, Next

Solution! Greymag's Shark Tank judges deem Rainier Clouds cure for the office cubicle prairie.

Bruce Dickinson (far left) and Selwyn Sampson (top row, third from left) pose with the judges after taking home 1st prize.

As the winners of the Portland event, we'll go on to Vancouver B.C. to pitch against the winners of the Seattle and Vancouver events.

The Rainier Cloud solution in action .

We're looking forward to the chance to go head to head with more designers with our Rainier Clouds! Form your own cloud HERE.


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This is what I say

You we be Yurten!!!

This is what I say

You we be Yurten!!!