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Workplace and related interior design is going through a transformation; perimeter office spaces are disappearing, floor plans are opening up and more flexible ‘spaces’ are replacing the segmented, rigid patterns of the past. Rainier Clouds compliment this transition perfectly.  

Rainier Cloud sculptures provoke feelings of tranquility, distinctiveness, and inspire the imagination. These characteristics capture what modern designers are putting into collaborative spaces intended to foster innovation and creativity.

Paring digital 3D tube bending technology with our custom dyesub printed high tech acoustic fabric - our frame, hanging system, and cover are simple to assemble and you too can be floating in
clouds in no time.

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The Rainier Cloud, a marriage of form and function.

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posted Apr. 27th, 2018


The Next Round of Competition Looms

Rainier Clouds Center Stage on Semptember 22nd

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posted Aug. 24, 2018

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